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MAA: A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal Transformation


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Before the 42 Laws of Maat and the 10 Maat Virtues, the ancient philosophers of Kamit (Egypt) relied upon a set of shamanic principles that taught how to work the Ra (the Spirit of God), called the Seven Codes of Maa. Similar to the 7 Universal Laws, the 7 Codes of Maa allowed the Kamitic people to see science and magic as the same thing, and work them both. In this book you will learn how to discover your purpose in life, reconnect to your ancestral past, create sacred spaces, and foretell the future using ordinary objects found in nature in order to change your dreams into a reality.

Kamitic Spirituality FAQ’s

Since Kamitic spirituality (like most African derived traditions) is an oral and very syncretistic tradition. There were no texts written explaining how to practice this unique spirituality. The best way to learn this tradition has been through religious syncretism. As a result, it is common to see comparisons drawn between the Kamitic mysteries and the pantheons of similar cultures. Although, there are specific rules, there are some guidelines that must be followed:

There is only One Almighty God in the Kamitic spirituality and the Divine’s name is Nebertcher, which means “The Lord of All Things,” who is the Creator of All Things. The generic name for Nebertcher is Netcher.

Amun (Amen) Ra, Ra, Khepera, Ra Atum, etc. are not gods nor are they names for the God they are simply attributes of Nebertcher.

The Power of God or Spirit of Nebertcher is called Rau – the Divine Life Force, which is similar in many ways to the Chinese Chi and the Yoruba Ashe.

The Kamitic people never worshipped the sun, Atun (Aten); they emulated or made it a major part of their paradigm.

The ancestors and archetypal ancestors were not worshipped but were highly revered and honored like Catholic saints.

In Kamitic spirituality, God does not fight the devil because there is no equal to Nebertcher. The devil in Kamitic spirituality is not some impish creature running around terrorizing humanity. The devil is called Set and it is a real chaotic energy that fights for control over man and woman’s soul.
In order to practice Kamitic spirituality you have to live your life according to the concepts and principles of Maa.

In Kamitic spirituality the soul is seen as the immortal part of the human being and when an individual dies, it is the soul that survives death.

The soul after death does not go to an eternal heaven or hell, because there is no ethereal heaven or a burning pit of fire called hell in Kamitic belief. There is however a higher and lower spiritual realm that exists.

The higher spiritual realm is where all of our ancestors and spirit guides reside because they learned self-control and self-discipline in life enabling them to be ethical, moral and model citizens for the community. The lower spiritual realm is where all confused, misguided and lost souls reside due to lack of self-control.

Good behavior does not guarantee that you will ascend to the higher spiritual realms and become an ancestor. In order to ascend to the higher spiritual realms or become an ancestor, one must exercise self – control, self – discipline and self – mastery in life. In other words, to become an ancestor in death one has to live like an ancestor in life. This is where the idea of striving to be Christ-like stems from.

If an individual has no peace of mind (shame, guilt, heavy heart, etc.) in life because they lived a perverted life ruled by the deviations of Maa (drug abuse, food abuse, sexual perversion, substance abuse, etc.). They will not have peace of mind in death, because one’s death is a reflection of the life they lived. The same way you are treated in life is the same way you will be treated in death. If you are ostracized in life because you are involved in immoral, unethical, dangerous and destructive activities and behavior. Your ancestors will ostracize you in death for the same reason, because in essence you are ruled by Set, the Kamitic devil.

The objective is to strive to become an ancestor in life, so you can reside with the community of ancestors. The way to do this is by working with your ancestors and archetypal ancestors namely Osar.

We are therefore, spiritual beings incarnated into physical bodies in order to learn spiritual lessons to strengthen the community of ancestors. We are like hunters going into the wild (physical realm) in search of food.
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