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In ancient times, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was the "Light of the East," which inspired thousands with her spiritual philosophy. Inspired by the Kemetic spiritual tradition, we decided to create 1 SoL Alliance Co. in 2010 with one purpose:

To create a marketplace that provides beautiful, educational, empowering, energizing, meaningful and reasonable priced quality products for all the people of color united by the Sun, hence 1 Sol (Sun) Alliance.

1 SoL Alliance is the public affiliate for the Kamta spiritual tradition, a Kemetic or Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) shamanistic spiritual system based upon the surviving Bantu-Kongo Cross (dikenga) combined with Kemetic philosophy. Its founder Derric “Rau Khu” Moore is an artist and the author of the Maa Aankh volumes (3 to date), Maa: A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal Transformation, Kamta: A Practical Kamitic Guide for Obtaining Power and the KAMTA Primer.

What We Offer

Land of Kam (LoK) Shoppe – is a magickal and metaphysical tool store that focuses on providing products that educate the public about the powers of the Superconscious mind. Here you will find books, posters, figurines, statues, icons and other tools to help you tap into the powers of your Superconscious. For specialty items, instructions are included so if you are just starting out, you won’t have to worry.

Made in Kush, Backed by Neter (MKBN) – is an apparel store offering inspirational and sometimes controversial designs. All of our designs are age appropriate.

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