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Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic/Kamitic)

After years of studying Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) spirituality, metaphysics, history, psychology and Afro-American religions, Derric Moore or culturally known as Rau Khu was pruned to be a preacher like his father, was prophesied by a priestess that he would be a shaman. Refusing to accept his calling, Derric proceeded with his life as usual until he was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2008. Determined not to leave his life in "God's hands," he took what he learned and put it to the test, to find the most practical and applicable spiritual solutions to improve his wellbeing. The end result, a full grown Afro-spiritual cosmology called Kamta that is based upon the Black experience in North America and, heavily incorporates Kemetic theology and the surviving philosophies of the Bantu-Kongo spiritual traditions. Since that time, Rau Khu who considers himself to be an urban shaman, is also the author of the Land of Kam blog, an artist, poet, entrepreneur, lecturer, math instructor and a successful inspirational self-published author. His controversial books about Kemetic spirituality are practical, no-nonsense guides that shows both novice and advanced spiritual practitioners how to honor their ancestors, apply metaphysics daily and use magick to improve their health, love life, luck, relationship with family, finances, etc. The basis of Kamta spiritual tradition focuses on tapping into the Superconscious mind and using it daily instead of treating it as a mysterious brain function. Rau Khu is proof that Kemetic spirituality works. Now, you can learn how to empower yourself as our Kemetic ancestors have done.