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The Maa Aankh Cosmogram (In Tan)


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The Maa Aankh is a cosmogram that maps the Universe and the evolution of the human soul using Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) philosophy and Bantu-Kongo theology.

Like most cosmograms or medicine wheels, the Maa Aankh can be interpreted a number of ways. The general understanding is that our universe is composed of two worlds or two lands: the corrupted and imperfect land of the living or TASETT (Land of Set), and the perfect land of the dead or KAMTA (the Black Lands also known as the Land of Osar/Osiris).

Surrounding these two worlds are four discs, which symbolize the four moments of the sun and divine attribute of God in Kemetic/KiKongo such as Khepera/Kala (Sunrise), Ra/Tukula (Midday), Ra Atum/Luvemba (Sunset) and Amun Ra/Musoni (Midnight).

Use it to remind you of your spiritual progress and spiritual goals.

Image Size:
28.250" x 30.000"

Total Size:
33.75" x 35.5"

Print Material:
Luster Photo Paper

CRQ13 - Black Wood (CRQ13)

Top Mat:
Arctic White

1/8" Clear Acrylic - Foam Core Mounting

For more information on how to work with the Maa Aankh from a spiritualism perspective see Maa Aankh or The Kamta Primer.
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Kurtis J.
5 of 5 Stars
I love this poster! I have had this framed poster in my living room for a year now and every time people come over they stop, look at it and study it. Then, we start talking about the Egyptians and the Congo people, which is the basis of this chart. It is definitely a conversation piece that I would recommend!