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The KAMTA Primer: A Practical Shamanic Guide for using Kemetic Ritual, Magick and Spirituality for Acquiring Power


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When the descendants of the Kongo-Angolan region arrived on the shores of North America, these Africans who were familiar with the Christian faith, were unable to hide their beliefs under the guise of the Catholic saints as their kin had successfully done in the Brazil, Cuba and Haiti. They instead syncretized their beliefs with the Protestant faith in order to maintain their culture, which was incorrectly called Hoodoo.

But over the years, due to racism and exploitation, the philosophy and theology behind this unique cultural practice was lost. In order to use this healing practice to improve his everyday life, Derric Moore filled the voids by adopting the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) philosophy in order to create Kamta.

In this first ever printed manual that combines Kemetic spirituality with magickal thinking, you will learn how to connect directly to this Divine Power, using the principles of Maat and how to develop a rapport with your ancestors and guardian spirits. The Kamta Primer also presents complete and full instructions for beginner and advanced initiates, on how to apply metaphysics to improve your health, increase success, invoke protection and resolve emergencies, through magico-spiritual means. This is an absolute must for those wanting to learn metaphysics and transition to the occult, as well as those wanting to transition from the occult to a higher spirituality.
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Ann D.
5 of 5 Stars
Concisely written and very easy to understand, this compact and heartfelt book will help newbies to gather enough information to enter the world of the occult. Experienced but still wanting greater understanding? This book will assist you too. The author and practitioner uses real life examples to help the reader delve deeper into understanding why things happen the way that they do. Highly recommend!