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7 Day Spiritual Jar Candles

Do you want to burn a glass encased candle in your own but don’t want your family members or visitors meddling in your business? At 1 SoL Alliance we have our own plain glass encased 7 day candles called “plain lights” are perfect for you. You can dress these candles with your own herbs, oils and then glue images of the spiritual work that needs to be performed such as family members, loved one, boss, enemy, etc. or, playing cards (or a picture of gaming dice) for luck, photo of happy person for health and wellbeing, dollar signs or some other image for money, etc. Even hand written or printed prayers and images of saints, deities and spirits can be affixed to the candle. For hand-carved and scented candles, checked out the "Reiki Charged Candles" page.